Hi, I am a guitar vocalist,singer songwriter earning a living in clubs/pubs in the North East of England.I try to write songs that people will remember. As long as some Emotion, Happiness, Sadness, Humour, or Thought, has been kindled, then thats great,
I formed DURHAM MUSIC PROJECT, in 1998, and produced a CD of local songwriters called ANYONE OUT THERE , which received fine reviews in many mags, including GUITARIST, and GET RYTHM . I have had airplay in England, Ireland, Australia, and Europe,
My CD ! 'KATY'S DANCE', features a varied collection of instrumentals and songs, Anti- war song, 'THERE'S NO GLORY' was a finalist in the IRISH SONG CONTEST FOR PEACE,
KATY'S DANCE is available on Amazon
I would love my songs to be covered, and my tunes used in tv, and films!
so to all you muso's out there!


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